Anonymous asked: Fun fact! You can be spiritual and connect with earth or whatever without appropriating, besides ur hair is nasty as hell. Black people wash and maintain their locs

Yup you can! Didn’t say you couldn’t :) and I wash my hair but thanks :)

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Anonymous asked: Please take down your dreadlocks, the cultural appropriation you and people like you perpetuate is the reason why my brothers and sisters are denied employment and discriminated against because their locs are stereotyped as "dirty" and "unkempt".

I wash my hair regularly yet I also face the exact discrimination when it comes to hair. People judge dreadlocks no matter what colour you are

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I have nearly 100 new messages about this dreadlock debate so I’m sorry if I don’t get back to you if you’ve actually said something kind!

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ratherwhimsical asked: My goodness I've just read through all your anons questions and i can't believe how much crap you've been getting from narrow minded people hating or questioning your dreads. I have never experienced any stick for being white and have dreadlocks. If anything i get appreciation because it's unusual for a white chick to rock them. I'm sorry but it's a hairstyle, it's a choice and at the end of the day it's all the same . I can't understand why people take such offence and take this so seriously.


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Anonymous asked: As a black person I can tell u your dreads are causing NOBODY HARM Idu why it's so serious?

I don’t know! Obviously you are far more open-minded than they are :)

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Anonymous asked: What made you get dreads in the fist place? :)

They just felt like the right way to begin my spiritual journey and I find them beautiful :)

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Anonymous asked: just to clarify i didn't want separation - like i said, i see no problem with your dreads. i think instead of lumping everyone on earth together as "earthlings" we should recognize and celebrate all these different cultures. you only learn from things that are different, if things are always the same you don't ever have a chance to learn.

I don’t see how it’s lumping everyone together though. We are all born naked, blank human canvasses. Culture and religion are human creations. I understand that there are aspects of them that are beautiful and worth preserving, and you’re right we can learn things from people who live a different lifestyle to us.

But at the end of the day telling someone they can’t wear a certain hairstyle because of the colour of their skin is bullshit, and counterproductive to a peaceful and accepting future world

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messy-souls asked: Fun fact! All humans on this planet, black, white, or otherwise had dreaded matted hair until combs were invented


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Anonymous asked: Please check out whitepeoplestealingculture to have many valid reasons as to why white people shouldn't 'dread' their hair.

Haha no thanks. That blog is full of hate. They used to reblog my photos with comments referring to me as a “honky” or “spoiled mayo”

Why don’t you come off anon and have a real conversation with me about this?

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Anonymous asked: i think you're a great person and i personally don't find your dreadlocks to be culturally appropriating, but please don't ever try to justify yourself by saying "we're all earthlings" again, cultural appropriation is so much more complicated and damaging than that, yes we are all dwelling on this earth but there is a rich expanse of varying cultures/people/religions and to simplify it down to "we're all earthlings" is dismissive of these variations

Separating ourselves religiously and culturally is the thing that is damaging to us as a species.

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