through-such-torture asked: Have you always been vegan, and if you haven't how did you convert, and did you struggle with finding a variety of meals and foods, so that you weren't eating the same things all the time?

I was brought up eating meat and didn’t become veggie until I was 20! It was then 3 years until I became vegan and I’ve been vegan for nearly a year. I struggled a little bit at first with eating out and eating at friends houses. I hate coming across as fussy or awkward but now I have vegan friends it makes it much easier. With time I have also discovered way more foods and become a lot better at cooking (it helps working in a vegan/veggie cafe) just have patience and don’t feel guilty if you slip up now and then :)

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Anonymous asked: Their is something wrong with your theme, :L if you don't already know, it is causing your text posts to be cut, you so can only see the bottom section of them.

Thanks for letting me know but there’s nothing I can do! I don’t have a computer so I’m stuck with the app version

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